We've covered SayIt for BlackBerry 10 several times here at CrackBerry - not only as it is a fantastic voice recognition personal assistant, but also because it regularly gets updated with new features. For one week only - starting today, SayIt is now half price, so if you were put off by the price tag before it should now be more appealing.

For $1.99/£1.50 you get a mountain of features that the built in native voice recognition app on BlackBerry 10 doesn't have. Here's just a small taster of what you get but for the full list you can check out the link at the base of the post.

  • Natural Voice Recognition and processing for BlackBerry® 10
  • Text to Speech with natural voice, you can download the converted voice file as MP3 format and share it to our BBM™ friends, NFC, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Email, Bluetooth
  • Provide weather forecast based on current location
  • Search YouTube, Wikipedia, Google using voice
  • Search local hotels, restaurants, coffee, ...
  • Built in Encyclopedia, so you can find the definition of anything you want, for example: definition of Newton
  • Built in language translator. SayIt supports translate from English to 25 other languages such as: Spanish, French, Italia, German, Chinese and ect....
  • From now on, you can translate languages on the way when you travelling, working, meeting, ect....
  • Built in Voice to Text conversion Engine, SayIt supports 16 languages for conversion from Voice to Text. So, you say something and SayIt converts your voice to text, you can share the converted text to your BBM™ friends, NFC, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Email, Bluetooth

If you missed our hands on video with SayIt you may want to catch up with it first?

More information/Download SayIt for BlackBerry 10