The popular personal assistant application SayIt for BlackBerry 10 has received another update - now making it even more intelligent. If you have not come across SayIt before and are wondering what it is, I suppose the easiest way to describe it would be that it's like Siri for the iPhone.

The list of things that you can ask SayIt is far too long to detail here but it's by far the best option for BlackBerry 10 if you like to use speech to text or other voice functions. Of course, we have some functionality already built into BlackBerry 10 but SayIt takes things to a new level and once again it's great to see the developer continuing to improve the app on a regular basis.

If you missed our in depth look at SayIt you can catch it here, although things have clearly changed for the better since that video was shot.

New features include:

  • Introducing the brandnew A.I  (Artificial Intelligent) Engine. Now, SayIt can actually make conversation with you and ask back to you
  • Introducing SayIt chat (Input command via keyboard)
  • Introducing the 1- click action (press and hold to record, release to finish recording) for Z10 version
  • Polish the UI
  • Add swap language for Translator
  • Bugs fixed

More information/Download SayIt for BlackBerry 10