The popular personal assistant application SayIt has received yet another update, this time to v2.5.0 and with it brings a load of new additions. 

Already one of BlackBerry Worlds best selling paid applications, SayIt gives your BlackBerry a new lease of life when it comes to voice control. Of course, we have voice control already built into BlackBerry 10 but compared to SayIt it is extremely limited. in fact - the two are like chalk and cheese. 

If you need more of an insight into the application you can catch up in our App Gallery here

New in version 2.5.0:

  • New servers with new voice data
  • Add more text to voice languages (from 17 to 44), now SayIt supports text to voice for 44 languages 
  • Add more translation languages, SayIt now supports translation for 66 languages (from 25 to 66)
  • Add more voice search and voice to text languages. Now SayIt can perform voice to text conversion and voice search in 18 different languages
  • SayIt now can read up to 200 characters
  • Add replay result in Commander mode
  • Add more keyboard shortcuts for Q10, Q5
  • Support downloading text to voice mp3 file in 44 different languages
  • Change the behavior for Voice to Text record button to Tap and Hold
  • Add Arabic and Vietnamese for Voice to Text
  • Add YouTube video for music search
  • Fix Google Search
  • Minor bugs fixed

More information/Download SayIt for BlackBerry 10