We already know that the much awaited WhatsApp is making its way to BlackBerry 10 this March. However, an alternative has come in to join the party in the form of OpenWhatsapp. I've been using it for just under an hour and it's pretty smooth. Perhaps it's just me but I also don't seem to see all the contacts I know who should have WhatsApp. Otherwise, it is certainly an app that will do me fine until the official WhatsApp is made available.

If anyone has ever tried to sideload the Android version of WhatsApp will know that while you can converse, it is very limited and you need to wait for the other party to contact you first as there is no way to access your contacts. With OpenWhatsapp, it has been built natively for BlackBerry 10, complete with a functioning Active Frame that tells you when you have a message waiting for you. You also get a Hub notification but the app needs to be running in order for you to get them. And like I said, you can access your Contacts list too in much the same way you would with the WhatsApp version. There is also the ability to share media too.

If you can't wait for WhatsApp and you need your WhatsApp fix, I recommend giving OpenWhatsapp a go. You'll need to sideload it though. If you don't know how to sideload, we have plenty of tutorials to help you do that, whether you have a Windows machine or a Mac.

For more information and to download OpenWhatsapp for BlackBerry 10