There are a couple of apps loaded on my BlackBerry device that are there for the times I want some quick game play. The Froggies Game is one of them. It's a bit fluffy, it's a bit cute but it's fun too. With cute sounds and effects, kids can also have fun playing the game also. The premise of the game is simple enough - save the frogs from landing in the water.

You control a lily pad and you have to catch the frogs that come flying at you, then get them to the shore safely. You can control the by tapping either side of the screen and the lily pad will go in that direction. There is an option to use the accelerometer, so you could just tilt your device to control the lily pad, which is probably best suited for the Z10 and the PlayBook. There is also a drag option, where you just drag the lily pad back and forth. Available too is the a kinder option, although this just looks like the tap the screen control.

As you level up more and more frogs will jump at you as well as other animals. So far, I've seen a snail and a chick. The chick gets you high points if you save it but it also deducts plenty from your score if you let it fall into the water.

At the start of the game you have 10 lives and these will go down with each frog or snail or chick that doesn't get saved. For every two animals saved you get a life back. In the video I state that you get a maximum of 10 lives but it will actually go higher than that. I think it just keeps going. Obviously, if all lives are lost, it's game over. The point of the game is to save as many frogs and other living creatures as you can getting the highest score possible.

The Froggies Game is fun to play and while it doesn't get as addictive as other games I've played, it is great for just killing time. The Froggies Game is available for all BlackBerry 10 devices and the PlayBook, and it is also free. If you're looking for cute and fun, give The Froggies Game a try.

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