Head to the BBM Stress Test post here and add Kevin to BBM!!

This isn't an April Fools' Day joke in the making. Come Monday, April 1st at 12 Noon EDT, the BBM Stress Test is ON!

I promised a long time ago we would conduct our infamous BBM Stress Test again on the BlackBerry Z10. I've been putting it off though because I wanted to make sure as much of CrackBerry Nation as possible could participate in the BBM Stress Test with their very own Z10 in hand.

With the Z10 now available in much of the world, including the USA, the time is right to get it done!

What is the BBM Stress Test?

The BBM Stress Test is a BlackBerry torture test of sorts. The goal is to find out how well the phone can handle a maxxed-out BBM Contacts list, with the inbound BBM invites happening in rapid succession.

We've conducted the test twice in the past. The first time I conducted it on a BlackBerry Bold 9000. The second time was on a BlackBerry Bold 9650. In both cases, the phones pretty much died. The sheer onslaught of inbound BBM invites and the lack of free app memory on those phones rendered them unusable. 

With the BlackBerry Z10 built upon the all new BlackBerry 10 mobile computing platform, it will be fun to throw some abuse at it and see how it holds up.

How it will work

The premise is simple. Come to CrackBerry.com on Monday, April 1st and be here for Noon Eastern time (EDT). I will post my BBM barcode and pin to the a blog post (it will be the featured post on the homepage). If you own a BlackBerry, simply invite to your BBM list. Head here to add Kevin to BBM and join in on the test!

On the receiving end, I'll get hammered with BBM invites. From there, we'll see what happens. I'll accept as many of the invites as possible and try and chat with as many people as possible.

Tune into the Live Stream!

Tune into the live stream NOW at crackberry.com/live. You'll be able to watch the whole thing as it happens. We'll also be recording video and post a condensed recap once the dust settles.

What do we expect to happen?

The architecture of BlackBerry 10 is MUCH different that old BlackBerry 7 devices. With QNX at the core, no single application should be able to bring down the whole operating system, which was not the case in the past. We've heard that the new BBM on BB10 will max out at 2,000 contacts and that invites beyond that will just get ignored. Knowing that should be the case, we're thinking the Z10 should be able to hold up to the stress test pretty well. That said, when all of the invites come in at once, I just don't know how the Z10 will react to it. I'll have the fire extinguisher nearby just incase the Z10 starts to smoke from the BBM heat :)

See you Monday at noon. BE THERE!