Saudi Investment Bank

Another banking application has been made for BlackBerry 10 - this time for you good folk in Saudi Arabia. The app, which has been built for BlackBerry, will give customers the banking features they need all from their new shiny BlackBerry 10 device.

Clearly I'm not able to test the app as I can't login to an account so this is where you guys and gals come in handy. If you are in Saudi and have access to the app please let us know in the comments your thoughts. I expect it to be all good like the other BlackBerry 10 banking apps, but it's always great to get some feedback from the community.

Application features include:

  • ATM & Branch Locator: Search your nearby SAIB ATM or Branch.
  • Aseel Program Access.
  • Products and Services Catalog: Be the first to know all products and services offered by Saudi Investment Bank.
  • Access to SAIB Social Media  (Facebook, Twitter and YouTube).
  • Islamic Applications (Prayer Times and Alarm configuration, Quibla Direction).
  • Calendars: Arabic Stars Meteorology Calendar.
  • Contact with the Bank (Phone, email, SMS).

More information/Download The Saudi Investment Bank for BlackBerry 10