Satellite Assault for the BlackBerry PlayBook brings back a few memories for me. If you are old enough to have played Asteroids on the Atari back in the day you will remember what fun it was. Satellite Assault is not that different, apart from clearly things have improved over the last 20+ years.

You control a space craft that must avoid contact with asteroids that appear on screen. Blasting one with your laser will smash it into three smaller pieces which will also need shooting and with multiple asteroids on screen it can get pretty busy as time goes on. There are also enemy spacecraft that will try and shoot you down - avoid them and blast them to bits.

The onscreen controls are simple and you have a couple of options in terms of how things work. As you will see fro the video I favoured the 'wheel' option and this control on the left of the screen is how your turn the craft left and right. Over on the right is where you make the ship move forward and also the fire button to destroy the asteroids.

With options for the length of the game as well as different difficulty levels, Satellite Assault is a bunch of fun. It's pretty hard though so be prepared for a challenge. And at $0.99 it won't break the bank.

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