As the BlackBerry PlayBook release draws closer the buzz is growing around it as well. In this video from last week Fox snagged a quick interview with SAP CIO Oliver Bussman. As he explains here, the PlayBook is a step ahead of the game as it is business ready and capable of multitasking unlike other tablets (I'm still not a believer that it really is "true" multitasking though - see my comment below. Yes, it runs multiple processes at once, but that's different than multitasking from a user perspective... I want to be able to browse a webpage on half of the display while being able to browse my music collection on the other half - actually doing two things at once).

Oliver praises the size and ease of use of the PlayBook and also talks a bit on the business aspects. The key question addressed here is "can I really run a billion dollar business on a tablet" and the answer is "absolutely". Thats good enough for me. Gotta love how excited the reporter is to have a pre-release BlackBerry PlayBook in her hands too. She's almost CrackBerry excited!  Thanks to Dave for sending this in!