SAP and RIM Announce Integrated SAP CRM and BlackBerry Solution!

While the common consensus these days is that RIM is trying to break through in the consumer market and thus far has done very well in doing so, RIM has not forgotten they deal with a great amount of enterprise customers as well. This was all too evident at WES 2009 where a lot of focus was placed on enterprise solutions, especially with the announcement of BES 5.0.

This time around RIM and SAP have put their combined efforts to work and have launched SAP CRM services for BlackBerry devices which makes customer relationship management a breeze to handle while on the go. The newly launched services allow contacts and account information to be continuously accessible on BlackBerry smartphones, and a local cache system allows access to certain information even if the user is outside of network coverage. You can read the full press release via RIM website and watch the demo video to learn more.