We first took a look at Sand Slides by Logik State last December. While watching the video, the game itself looked pretty easy but trust me, it's not. Check out the link to Alicia's review for the full details and features but the basic gist of the game is to get the colored grains of sand to fall into the appropriate color-coded silo crates at the bottom. You can do this by drawing lines on the playing field to guide them to the correct silo crate. The catch and difficulty level come into play with only being able to draw a limited number of lines and each silo is time sensitive. If you accidentally get the wrong color grains into an incorrect silo crate, the grains counter at the top will decrease. The game is over when the counter hits zero.

There isn't a way to pause the game right now so be prepared to completely ignore the rest of the world when you're on a roll. In fact, the only addition I could see to make this game even better would be a way to pause the game (possibly a swipe down from the top bezel can be implemented). Sand Slides has been a popular game on the iOS platform and now I can see why. This is a great addition to my BlackBerry PlayBook game collection.

Right now Sand Slides can be downloaded from App World for FREE (regular price is $1.99) so if you've been waiting to give it a try, now's the time to jump on it. Since the game's release date back in November of last year, it's received nothing but 4 or 5 stars from those who have played it. If you've already tried the game, leave a few tips or comments for our readers in the comment section below!

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