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We're already fully aware that Samsung and BlackBerry have inked some sort of deal to have BlackBerry Messenger loaded onto the popular Galaxy series of devices but it's been up in the air when it comes to how much marketing effort Samsung and BlackBerry will put into it all. Samsung isn't exactly known to cheap out on such things having spent reportedly over $400 million in 2012.

Digging through the CrackBerry Forums, I saw a few reports that certain regions Samsung operates in had already ramped up their efforts for telling people that BlackBerry Messenger is coming and I went off looking for the commercials folks had said were airing during soccer matches and such.

Lo and behold, I found the above video with Shao128's help, posted by Samsung Ghana only a few hours ago and even more visual marketing on their Facebook page. I can't really say it's the best advertising considering it has no sound and the device pictured is certainly old but any marketing at this point is still cool to see.

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