8900 And 8220 Replica Themes!

We mentioned these themes before on the CrackBerry blogs which have been a hit with the community, pushing their way up the best sellers list in the CrackBerry App Store. That however, is not going to stop us from letting you all know about an awesome sale Tom has going on for these great replica themes.

Just in case any of you out there were contemplating either of these choices but just couldn't decide, now is time to take advantage of the $5 sale Tom started today which will end on February 16th. You can grab either the 8900 Replica for all 83xx and 88xx devices or the 8220 Replica for all 81xx series devices supporting a wide array of OS versions and even styling options. Be sure to check out all the options available and choose the OS that is compatible with your device.

As an added bonus as well, Tom has included all the device wallpapers to get the themes even more realisitic. Grab the 8900 wallpapers as well as the 8220 wallpapers already formatted for your BlackBerry, and as always, Tom offers up top notch care in the CrackBerry Forums.