SafeWallet for BlackBerry!

In my opinion, it's truly a glorious day when a Software company finally adds BlackBerry solutions to its array of applications. Previously, SBSH Mobile Software LTD had focused on applications for the Symbian, Windows Mobile Pocket PC and Windows Mobile Smartphone platforms. How many times have you wished a non-BlackBerry application could be converted to the BlackBerry world? This may be your lucky day, as SBSH may be your Genie in a bottle.

SBSH enters into the BlackBerry world with SafeWallet Pro, a secure storage application. Granted, there are other BlackBerry applications out there that offer a similar solution to your security needs. SafeWallet Pro jumps into the fray with its arms swinging. Though I sat on the edge of my seat waiting for the release announcement, I can now finally make that seat comfortable as I prepare to delve into the new life of security that SBSH offers. Besides, it's been quite a while since I've reviewed a secure database solution. Now, if you promise not to take any money. I'll let you take a look inside my wallet.

Mobile Security

SafeWallet Pro offers a PC Companion to the BlackBerry application. To secure your information, SafeWallet utilizes both 256-bit AES encryption and security technologies based on IDF experience.

accessing your wallet

Opening your SafeWallet brings you to the first prompt screen. The initial procedure will be to create a new wallet on your BB or sync an existing wallet from the PC version of SafeWallet. Each database you create will be referred to as a "wallet". You can manage multiple wallets, but don't try and handle too many wallets in the real world or you may find yourself in trouble with the law. The Wallets will be protected by a password of your choosing. Within these wallets you will see three categories, or folders; Favorites, Business and Personal. You can choose to add new folders, delete folders or even rename them. You can also create folders within folders, create cards, an entry containing online passwords, credit card information, serial numbers, etc. Personally, I would keep the folders to a minimum, or you may become as confused as me. You may have noticed the icons displayed next to each folder and card. These icons can be swapped with more than 240 icons found in the application's library. In fact, SafeWallet gives you the largest icon selection that I've seen in my secure database experience.

here you can manage your folders

opening a folder will reveal your entries

all of these icons? Thumbs up indeed!

Let's peek at an example of a card shall we? SafeWallet comes preloaded with numerous card templates; a card with predefined entry fields based on the card type. For example, the Web-Site template includes fields such as URL, Login, Password and Note. Other templates include over a dozen fields. Once I save a card based on a template, the fields can be edited freely. Fields can be added, deleted, renamed and moved up/down the list. The manipulative properties of this application offer true personalization.

a template with predefined fields

manage the fields in the template

So you finally have SafeWallet set up, keeping countless pieces of information locked away. What's the quickest way to sort through it all? There are two ways to find what you are looking for. If you frequent a small selection of cards on a regular basis, you can add them to your Favorites folder to give you quick access. If you want to look for a specific card, you can search using T9 search technology. Simply start typing the name of the card, or values found within the card. Your search results will narrow until you reach the desired card.

You can manage the security and search settings, to maximize productivity and privacy. I have SafeWallet set up to lockout when I holster my device or the application is sent to the background. The only way someone is going to see a wallet from me, is when I pull the square leather one from my back pocket. I hoped to see a password generator function included, similar to the one found in SplashID, but at least you can change the password if needed. The menu is easily navigated and can be quickly read.

Closing the wallet

Kudos to SBSH Mobile Software on a job well done. This is an excellent first entry into the BlackBerry world. Safe Wallet is a secure database that, when unlocked, provides a unique look at your private information. For future versions, I would like to see a password generator and perhaps side scrolling between entries for an even faster experience. Pricing comes in at $24.95, a bit cheaper than similar applications. If you wish to try before you buy, there is a free trial period available. That's it for me folks, my wallet just snapped shut, so keep your grubby hands off.


  • 256-bit AES Encryption
  • Fully manageable entries
  • Icons galore


  • no password generator