SafeDrive for BlackBerry 10

Back when we were all running legacy devices there was a fine selection of apps to read out our emails and text messages while we were driving in the car. Luckily, SafeDrive has now been launched for BlackBerry 10 devices and offers the same great features allowing us to keep our eyes on the road and not on our flashing BlackBerry.

The native BlackBerry app has been developed by the same gentleman that brought us SayIt - so we know we are getting a decent element of quality with SafeDrive and updates will come on a regular basis. Currently the SafeDrive application must be open in order for it to work but as soon as BlackBerry release the API's to allow apps to run while closed things will be much better.

I've tested the application and it seems to work a treat. I'm not sure how using your phone and driving works in every country but here in the UK if the Police even see you touching your smartphone you can get into trouble. In that case SafeDrive seems a bargain price at just £1.50/$1.99 - a lot cheaper than getting a ticket from the Police!

Full features of SafeDrive include:

  • Read incoming text messages and emails automatically in real time
  • Replay latest email or text message manually
  • Ability to read incoming text message or email separately
  • Female voice and male voice

How to use

  • Select your account in the dropdown menu, SafeDrive will read latest email or text message according to your selected account
  • You can leave the app open or minimize it in order to monitor incoming messages/ SMS
  • Built natively in Cascades/C++

SafeDrive is available for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones so which ever model you rock you can drive a bit more safely.

More information/Download SafeDrive for BlackBerry 10