I've been a big fan of SafeDrive ever since it first launched on the BlackBerry 10 platform in early 2013. Since then it's had numerous updates to make it the best experience possible and if you tend to spend a lot of time in the car this one should be of interest.

If you've not come across SafeDrive before it's an application that will read aloud your emails and SMS, so if your BlackBerry does give off an alert you don't need to read the message - just listen instead.

The app has several options within the settings including the ability to choose which part of the message is read out and also how much of it. A nice touch, especially if you just want to filter down those important emails and not listen to all of a spam one.

The developer of SafeDrive had kindly given us 500 copies to pass onto you folk. As usual, they get snapped up pretty quickly so you'll need to be fast.

Update - Seeing as the first 500 went so fast there are another 500 extra copies are being requested

If you want a free copy, please follow these steps:

  • Open up BlackBerry World

  • Swipe down from the top and tap Redeem

  • Enter promo code SAFEDRIVE200 and then tap OK

  • The game should then appear as free; hit the FREE button to download

Features of SafeDrive include:

  • Read incoming text messages and emails automatically in real-time

  • Replay latest email or text message manually

  • Ability to read incoming text message or email separately

  • Female voice and male voice

  • Supporting voices: US English Female, US English Male, UK English Female, UK English Male, European Spanish Female, European Spanish Male, European French Female, European French Male, European German Female, European German Male, European Italian Female, European Italian Male, European Turkish Female, European Turkish Male, European Norwegian Female, European Dutch Female, European Polish Female, European Danish Female, European Finnish Female, European Czech Female, Swedish Female, Hungarian Female, Russian Female, Russian Male, European Portuguese Female, European Portuguese Male, Chinese Female, Chinese Male, Japanese Female, Japanese Male, Korean Female, Korean Male

  • Option to choose which part of the email to be read. (i.e Entire message, Subject only, Sender Name only and Subject and Sender Name)

  • Option to limit the number of words of the email body How to use

  • Select your account in the dropdown menu, SafeDrive will read latest email or text message according to your selected account

  • You can leave the app open or minimize it in order to monitor incoming messages/ SMS

  • Built natively in Cascades/C++

More information/Download SafeDrive for BlackBerry 10