S4BB Launches DataBackup Public Beta Allows For Contacts Storage On SD Card

The UI on this one is pretty simple (err.. ugly??). The solution it offers, however, is great. S4BB has launched their public beta of a backup service they call DataBackup, currently sitting at version 0.0.1. DataBackup is aiming to be a great solution for what RIM has failed at - allowing a good method of backing up contacts for BIS users. For BES users the solution is simple as the BES does it all for you but BIS users have more trouble with this as RIM has not made any efforts to offer an easy alternative.

You can sign up for the new beta which allows for your contacts to be stored to your SD Card via the S4BB website, but the application developers cannot stress enough that this is indeed a beta and for you to not totally rely on it as it may not fully work as expected. It is a beta and as such, things can go wrong. Application supports almost all devices running 4.1+ OS. Storm compatability not guaranteed.