Ok that title may be a little misleading - we've actually had our BlackBerry PlayBooks since the day they came out. I'm talking about the Meet the PlayBook tour that has introduced many to RIM's tablet. Near the end of May, Bla1ze and Michelle had a chance to visit one of the PlayBook packed Peterbuilts. On Canada Day, I met up with our own Isaac Kendall and took a trip down to Canada Place in Vancouver, in order to experience the tour for ourselves. We also wanted to provide a quick video walkthrough of our experience. We had quite an adventure trying to find the trailer; I swear we were being purposely misdirected by iPad users, but we eventually prevailed!

Within the trailer we found the same displays as Bla1ze and Michelle did; multiple PlayBook stations, PlayBook accessory displays, large screens with commercials/demos and an instructor led hands-on demonstration (yes, class was in session). Before we got into the really good stuff, our video tour was shut down. But, at least we were able to get enough footage to show those of you who couldn't make it out and wanted to see what it was like. We also found dozens of kiosks near the trailer, and around Canada Place, where you could enter to win a PlayBook. To be honest, I didn't know if it was Canada Day or PlayBook day.

Will the Meet the PlayBook tour be near you?

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