Russell Simons is on board with BlackBerry 10

Adam Zeis

Russell Simmons

A few weeks back we asked what celeb you would like to see endorse BlackBerry 10. We had plenty of great suggestions including Kim Kardashian, Usain Bolt and Justin Bieber. One celeb that gets my vote would be Russell Simmons. Not only is he an icon and very well known, but he just fits the bill for the perfect celeb to endorse the platform. The founder of the hip-hop label Def Jam, Simmons recently sent a tweet to his near 2.3 million followers expressing his excitement for BlackBerry 10. According to the Tweet, he had a meeting with "Senior BlackBerry guys" and got a look at BB10 for himself. 

Simmons recently made the switch to an iPhone (apparently his daughter made him) but had been a long-time BlackBerry user prior. His brother Rev Run (of Run-DMC fame) also switched after using a BlackBerry for years and had this to say back in November:

It's great to see some BlackBerry love from celebs as we move toward the January press event. Hopefully more celebs will get a chance to see the awesomeness that is BB10 and get on the bus as well. Here's to hoping that BlackBerry 10 will bring them back to what they know best!

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