Running OS 10.1 on your Z10? Grab Skype now in BlackBerry World

Towards the end of April, 2013, we saw Skype become available for the BlackBerry Q10.  We even saw Skype offer 3-month unlimited world subscriptions too. While we saw a leak of Skype made available for Z10 owners, you can now find Skype (Preview) available for the Z10.

One caveat though is that you have to be running 10.1 on your Z10. BlackBerry 10.1 isn't officially available yet but there have been leaks for a while, with a new batch leaked days ago for all Z10 models.

If you're not comfortable with installing leaks, then you'll have to wait for 10.1 to officially land to get Skype on your shiny Z10. Otherwise, if you're already running 10.1 on your Z10, then you can hit up BlackBerry World and download Skype now. The 3-month unlimited offer looks like it's still running to be sure to sign up for that too.

Remember, this is a preview version, meaning it's still beta. And for those who may ask, yes, it is an Android port.

Download Skype (Preview) for the BlackBerry Z10
Sign up for Skype 3-month Unlimited Subscription