Run In Crowd has been one of the most popular games on BlackBerry 10 since the Z10 was launched. Now that the BlackBerry Q10 is on sale the game has been updated so I thought it was worth showing you on video once again how great gaming still is on the Q10.

The concept of the game is real simple. You run along side other 'real time' players and have to jump over gaps and obstacles. The further you get the faster and harder the game becomes, but it's quite addictive. A single screen tap gives you a little jump and a double sends you higher.

With Scoreloop integration you can see how your friends are doing at the game which adds a nice touch.

Run In Crowd is free to download from BlackBerry World so whether you have a Z10 or Q10 it's one to try for sure.

Features include:

  • Multiplayer - you race alongside other players
  • Level generation - you run in a new world each day
  • Simple and addictive gameplay with simple controls

More information/Download Run In Crowd for BlackBerry 10