Woah. So just as BlackBerry is going through a major transition, there are already rumors starting to fly around the interwebs about a BlackBerry PlayBook 2 -- a mythical BlackBerry 10 tablet that is nowhere in sight. We know well that with Thorsten Heins at the reins BlackBerry had no intention of rehashing the PlayBook with an updated tablet or bringing BlackBerry 10 to a tablet at all. He stressed over and over that the company would be focusing on handsets and mobile computing but had no short-term strategy for tablets -- at all. 

Now that a new CEO is in place, we've already started to see various rumors about a BlackBerry PlayBook 2 being back on the roadmap. One sight even has it listed at a top tablet for Christmas 2013 (at #5 no less!) and gives it a damn good price. However even though things are changing, we don't expect to see a new tablet from BlackBerry anytime soon. 

As stated before, the company will look to focus on enterprise and to scale down their device offerings, leaving hopes of a new PlayBook off the list for the time being. 

That being said - would you want to see a new BlackBerry tablet at some point? Hit up the comments and let us know your thoughts.

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