Indonesian market

Rumored specs for the BB Merah Putih built BlackBerry-branded device appear


While BlackBerry Mobile have been teasing the BlackBerry 'Mercury', there's another BlackBerry-branded device for the Indonesian market that has yet to appear fully. That device, only really known as BlackBerry - BBC100-1, comes from the device software licensing agreement BlackBerry put together with joint venture PT BB Merah Putih. Thus far, details have been slim aside from it appearing late last year at Indonesia's e-Certification database POSTEL and John Chen noting we'd hear more during Chinese New Year, but it looks like we're now getting a look at some of the specs.

A couple of things stand out here. Aside from the processor, the specs seem decent and dual SIM? That would certainly be a first for a BlackBerry. It'll be interesting to see how this device gets rolled out. We're starting to see how BlackBerry Mobile will be handling the BlackBerry brand starting with the BlackBerry 'Mercury, ' but we have no idea as of yet how PT BB Merah Putih will handle the brand in their own market of Indonesia. Keep in mind folks; we don't even know if this device will be sold outside of Indonesia.