BlackBerry Z10

No better way to start a week than with a fresh set of BlackBerry 10 images and rumors! BGR put live a whack load of screen caps this morning which are reported to come via the gold candidate build of the BlackBerry 10 software that will be on the Z10 at launch. Nothing too new to be seen in there -- from our previous walk-throughs and leaks it's all pretty much been covered.

More interesting to me though was the rumored pricing of the BlackBerry Z10 that was suggested in the post. BGR is hearing that the BlackBerry Z10 will hit the market below the standard $199 / 2 year contract pricing that most flagship phones bear at launch. His thinking is $149 or maybe even less at launch.

With the BlackBery 10 launch event now less than 10 days away, we won't have to wait long to find out what the deal is here. I think for much of CrackBerry Nation the price doesn't even matter. We've been waiting so long for BlackBerry 10 that we'll be buying it regardless of price. That said, an aggressive price point would definitely be good for getting the Z10 into as many hands as possible, which is something we'd love to see!