February 5th

So there have been some rumors flying around over Twitter, Facebook, the CrackBerry forums, two-way pagers, chain letters and telegraph the last few days about a rumored release date for the BlackBerry Z10 here in Canada (yes I can say "here in Canada" since I'm actually in Canada for once). It's being said that the BlackBerry Z10 will arrive at Telus and Bell on February 5th in both black and white models.

While we can't say either way if this is true, we aren't ruling anything out just yet. No word on Rogers yet in most of the rumors that are floating around, but given Roger's long standing support for BlackBerry over the years we have to believe they'd be right there at the front of the line to launch BB10 as well.

Given the timelime we've had in the past, it's quite possible we could see devices hit carriers as early as early February. We still don't have any official dates for the US, Canada or any other region, but just six days from now we'll be overloaded with BlackBery 10 info and know for sure when and where the devices will hit. The January 30th launch event will lend us plenty of details including carrier partners, app announcements and official release dates across the globe.