Now that the BlackBerry Z10 has rolled out to the masses, there are plenty of folks out there wondering what's next for BlackBerry 10 and further future devices. We've heard plenty of rumors in the past about updated tablets, high-end flagships, QWERTY sliders and low-end Curves and now we're getting yet another "look" at some rumored BlackBerry devices. No doubt, you'll have to take the image above with a massive grain of salt given its source is a random Twitter account that has popped up, but if nothing else, it's a great talking point to see what everyone would like to see in the future from BlackBerry.

Looking at the image above there isn't much one can really draw from it other then to say there are some possible code names in there along with some possible timelines at best. The Z10 and the Q10 are already lined up, so those can be pretty much ignored. The B10 L is an interesting image that looks like a landscape device or possibly even a tablet. Don't forget, we've heard rumors that Sprint may get a touchscreen other than the Z10 which they passed by on.

The U10 looks a bit more like a 'phablet' then an average sized device. In the past we've heard rumors about a device codenamed "aristo", which was said to feature a 4.65" display. We heard since then that the 4.65" was off the table in favor of something bigger, so maybe something with a phablet territory 5" or bigger display is in the cards.

And then we have the R10. The R10 could be assumed to be a Curve-like device, possibly on the mid-range price spectrum as we've already heard plenty about the 'R-Series' devices in the past and CEO Thorsten Heins mentioned that we will see a BB10 hit mid-range this fiscal year.

Ultimately, a lot of what we're seeing in the image has already been discussed one way or another. Thorsten Heins has mentioned the tablet market numerous times already and that they don't want just another PlayBook - given the success of the iPad it's a hard market to break into.

When it comes to the phablet area, having a device like that would likely mess up things from a developer perspective when it comes to device resolutions. We already know BlackBerry wants to reduce the amount of different devices they offer -- they've been down that road before and from here on out, it's about simplicity for developers. A phablet wouldn't help that in any way, though given the way consumers seem to like big displays, it would be silly to dismiss it too.

Honestly, this image doesn't really mean much to me. It could be real, it could be fake. In any case, I'm more interested in what you all want to see from future BlackBerry devices. Would you like to see a BlackBerry 10 phablet? How about a revamped BlackBerry PlayBook running BlackBerry 10? And what do you all think about BlackBerry returning to the Curve days? Should they offer a mid/low end BlackBerry 10 device as soon as possible or is that idea better left in the dark so that they can focus on hitting the high-end markets harder?

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