BlackBerry App World PlayBook Showing Skype

If you all thought Steve Ballmer showing up during the keynote at BlackBerry World was a little crazy, maybe -- just maybe, there was a little bit more to it then we all realized at the time. No, Microsoft hasn't announced they're making a bid to purchase Research In Motion but -- they have however, according to some rumors floating around made a bid to purchase Skype for $7 billion.

As we know it right now, Skype has really never had much of an impact on the BlackBerry world considering their app is a Verizon exclusive and despite having announced it in the past as being made available for all, that has never actually come to light. If these rumors turn out to be true and the deal gets locked down, it could break the Verizon exclusivity and hopefully bring Skype to not only BlackBerry smartphones but to the BlackBerry PlayBook as well. We'll have to sit back and watch it all unfold but, fun to ponder the ideas while we wait that's for sure.

Update: Looks like it is a done deal, as reported by All Things D. Press release suggested for tomorrow morning.

Source: WSJ; via Android Central