BlackBerry 9630!

We have been seeing a lot of the BlackBerry 9630 lately, heck we even got one on hand and brought you an up close and personal look at it. But as of now we still have no information on what carriers will be eventually getting the device (but we assume it'll pretty roll out with time to pretty much every CDMA carrier who's selling the 8830).

We recentaly saw the 9630 show up on a Sprint roadmap and now analysts from "The Street" are laying it out that we will see the BlackBerry 9630 on Verizon by May which happens to coincide with WES. Some of the CrackBerry team will be in attendance just in case the news does happen to drop there. Of course, CTIA is only two weeks away, and wouldn't it be even nicer to see it get announced then?! Stay tuned, we'll be bringing you more info soon enough.

[ The Street ]