BlackBerry 9000 to have front-facing video camera?A Spanish blogger has been fortunate enough to get his hands on a BlackBerry 9000. AND...he has let word out (by accident?) that the device has a front-facing video camera. No word on if this camera is in addition to the more traditional rear-facing camera. Keep this one under unconfirmed rumors at this point. Could be hogwash.

Can you imagine the possibilities though. With RIM finally offering video recording on devices and now (apparently) offering a front-mounted Camera on the 3G 9000...Lots of opportunity there for video conferencing on the go! For those who have had less-than warm feelings towards the 9000 so far, the thought of this should be making you at least a little warm and fuzzy! 

As I always say... Time will tell!

[ BlackBerry Cool via miblackberry