If you're in an environment where you need to make use of RSA SecurID software tokens and have a BlackBerry 10 device, you can now download the official app from BlackBerry World.  The app is of course, offered as a free download and has all the expected features in it, which includes support for multiple tokens.

  • Multiple software token support (up to 10 tokens imported to work space and up to 10 to personal space).
  • Automatic import of tokens by tapping an email attachment or URL link.
  • Device ID button to support device binding. Tapping the Device ID button allows the user to quickly email the device ID to the administrator.
  • Next Code button, which allows a user in Next Token code mode to bypass the next time interval and immediately retrieve the next token code.

The app does require 128-bit AES software tokens as 64-bit SID are not supported. If you're looking for the SHA information, it can be found on the RSA SecurID website. If you're not concerned with that, hit the link below to grab the app from BlackBerry World.

Download RSA SecurID Software Token