Angry Birds

Hot off the heels of Angry Birds Go hitting BlackBerry 10, Rovio has also updated both Angry Birds Star Wars and Seasons - what with it being Christmas time. If you haven't already given them a shot now may be the perfect time? Angry Birds Seasons has a price tag of just under a buck while Star Wars is currently free. 

New in the updates:

Star Wars:

  • New levels! 15 space battles featuring a massive imperial Star Destroyer, plus a final 15 Death Star levels to become a true Jedi Master!
  • Biggest ever boss fight! Use your Jedi skills to defeat the fearsome Lard Vader and Emperor. 
  • Vader Unmasked! Find out who's behind the mask in the big finale. 


  • New frosty levels! Get in the festive spirit with 25 advent calendar levels - one for each day before Christmas, plus get four bonus levels. 
  • New Arctic theme! Take an Arctic eggspedition and face sub-zero temperatures, large blocks of ice cream and some rather cold piggies. 
  • Underwater attack! Plan a surprise attack by flinging the birds under the icy Arctic waters and up towards those pesky pigs. 

A fine selection of updates. Nice work as usual Rovio.