Rove Mobile Admin 4.0Rove Mobile Admin 4.0

A few weeks back Rove Mobile dropped word that their Mobile File Manager and Mobile Viewer were now free applications (thanks Rove!). Today the company announced the release of Mobile Admin 4.0, the latest version of their popular enterprise network administration platform.

The latest release of Mobile Admin offers many significant upgrades that provide IT administrators even greater freedom and flexibility in managing their systems remotely. The most notable additions include a ‘per user’ licensing system with support for an unlimited number of servers, improved scalability, a redesigned web interface, support for Microsoft Exchange 2007, Windows 2008 and Windows Vista.

Mobile Admin, the most robust and comprehensive platform available for network management, now offers users the ability to quickly and securely respond to network issues within their entire IT infrastructure. The software enables users to fix server problems quickly and easily from anywhere, thereby delivering a powerful and quickly-realized ROI by increasing IT administrators’ productivity, reducing downtime costs and improving service for users and customers.
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