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The iPhone 3G. It is without a doubt my favorite smartphone frenemy. Whether you like, dislike, love or hate the iPhone 3G, you certainly can't deny it. You can't deny the sales figures Apple has quickly achieved with the device and you can't deny all those things the iPhone 3G does well. At the same time, you also can't deny all of the iPhone 3G's many faults. Remember our Top 10 Reasons Why the iPhone is No BlackBerry and Top 10 Reasons Why the Iphone 3G is STILL No BlackBerry articles??

iPhone and BlackBerry enthusiasts will always disagree on these points, as many of the gripes go beyond the device itself and into the realm of smartphone philosophy, and both Apple and RIM have different ideas on that (think on the go vs. stop and use). If you missed last year's Smartphone Round Robin, be sure to check out my iPhone Initial Impressions and iPhone Final Review. Despite the iPhone 3G being an improved device over the original iPhone my overall opinion hasn't really changed - it still lacks the Crack.

Take a look at the slightly too long video above (my apologies - waiting on all those dang iPhone screen to screen transitions soaks up the time). I give the iPhone 3G some love and some hate, in the way that only best frenemies could. Enjoy the show!