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Payback time! Over at The iPhone Blog, editor Rene Ritchie has followed up his initial impressions video (which you can watch above) with his full-out BlackBerry Bold review. How did he fair? You're going to have to jump over to TiPb to read it, but let me set the tone with a quote from his introduction paragraph...

...I loved it and hated it. How utterly appropriate. Not to be too tale of two-cities about it, but it was both the best of the Round Robin devices for me and the worst. 

Rene even took the CrackBerry Kevin philosophical approach during his review and examined the BlackBerry Way of Life (which scares him!). Agree or disagree, Rene's review is definitely worth reading. Even I think some of his points are right on the money. Don't forget to drop a comment there for your chance to win an iPhone 3G or here for a Bold (you can do both!).