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With my BlackBerry Bold now in Jennifer's hands and the Palm Treo Pro I was using last week with Rene (you NEED to watch his video preview), I'm now rock'n the Android-powered T-Mobile G1. The G1 is a slider, and if you rewind to last year's Round Robin you'll remember I've got a thing against sliders (me and the AT&T Tilt did not get along so well). But having been a Google fan boy longer than I've been a CrackBerry Addict (seriously - Google has been my homepage since for over a decade now), I kept an open mind as I picked up the G1 for the first time.

Watch the video above. It's actually pretty positive (minus the sick frog voice I got going on)!! The G1's form factor is a bit wonky and the hardware is a little underwhelming, but moving from the Bold into the G1 was a fairly easy transition to make, with the trackball, back key and menu key providing some of the comforts of 'BlackBerry Home.' What had me most excited was the Android homescreen experience - I'm a big fan of the ease of customization and how fluid it is. Not all is rosy for the G1 though - I'll pick on a lot of things in the longer, follow-up review (which will be coming soon since I'm behind schedule in getting this posted), so stay tuned!