Oh Canada! Go all Canadian on your BlackBerry with Roots Cases and Accessories for the BlackBerry Bold 9900, Curve 9360, Torch 9860, PlayBook and more!

Taking a stroll through the CrackBerry Canada Store the other week I noticed we're now carrying Roots BlackBerry cases and accessories. If you're not familiar with Roots, it's a pretty well-known and easily-recognized Canadian lifestyle brand known. Further extending the Roots brand beyond things you wear, they've gone mobile with quite a line of Roots-branded cases for BlackBerry. With BlackBerry being made by Canadian-based Research In Motion, and Roots being Canadian, a BlackBerry phone + Roots case combo is definitely a patriotic combo, eh!

To get a quick look at a few of the cases from Roots available, hit up the video above. I checked out the Roots Leather Holster for the Bold 9900, the Roots Elite Premium Case for the Bold 9900 as well as the Roots Tuff skin w/ holster for the Curve 9360. Overall I was pretty happy with the both the design and quality of the cases I sampled. The Roots branding was prominent, but not over done. The stitching is good on the holster and I love the beaver stamped onto the belt clasp (Canadians love beaver!). On the Elite case I really like the leather badging done on the back side, and the overall fit and finish of the skin was good - definitely on par with a BlackBerry shell case. The plastic on the holsters does seem a little thin, but I think it *should* hold up ok over time. I'll definitely follow up in 2012 with a more in-depth review. Seriously, I'm so excited about the hotness of the WHITE Bold 9900 that I think it might make a video appearance everyday next year!

Learn More & Buy Roots Cases for BlackBerry in the CrackBerry Canada Store

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