Rooted PlayBook 

Have you rooted your BlackBerry PlayBook with DingleBerry and then sat back and wondered why exactly you did it, and what benefit it could have? While many developers are behind the scenes cracking away and what kind of things can be done it appears as though others are looking for quicker changes, like changing up the icons and working towards the fonts and more. CrackBerry forums member Sith_Apprentice has found that the root access allows the icons on the PlayBook to be changed, but unfortunately there is no step by step instructions on how for the rest of us. 

While there may be no official tool for developers to build themes in the works for the PlayBook this just goes to show that the root access that DingleBerry brings us will be able to be put to good use for the average consumer, and that fun things can come from this. Be sure to keep an eye in the forums for updates, and let's hope that fonts and more can be changed soon as well!

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