When it comes to UK football, or just sports stars in general there probably isn't a name that is bigger than David Beckham. This weekend David took his son Romeo to watch Arsenal vs. Spurs as a birthday treat, but what's more interesting than that to us on Team BlackBerry is that Romeo was rocking a BlackBerry Z10

Whether the whole Beckham family are BlackBerry fans remains a mystery to me, but clearly Romeo was loving taking some photos/video on the Z10. I suspect the Time Shift feature would be the number one tool for getting the perfect shot at a sports event. 

Getting BlackBerry 10 handsets into the hands of celebs has to be one of the best forms of marketing for BlackBerry. Maybe they should have a purge and get a few more super stars back on the team. 

With Alicia Keys now on the BlackBerry payroll I'm actually surprised we haven't seen more pop/rock stars out and about with their BlackBerry 10 smartphones.

Source: The Daily Mail