Role Call Tasks

If you're like me, you have a lot of daily tasks to keep track of which can make your life hectic and quite disorganized. Role Call Tasks is a helpful program ensuring that us busy (or forgetful) people get our to-do's organized effectively. When creating your tasks, you have options to add categories, date and time, status, priority, recurrence, and the task details for each item. When in the application you can choose to view by the category, date or what's due today which really makes finding and completing these tasks quick and easy. I have found that adding my monthly bills to this program really helps remind me when everything is due, and definitely stops me from forgetting them. Role Call Tasks is a very good application for those looking to keep all their tasks and bills organized in one program. The application also integrates with Outlook tasks and the BlackBerry calender. Role Call Tasks is compatible with OS 4.6+ and is available for $3.99 at the CrackBerry App Store.

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