My Account update

Today, I wanted to check out my account balances, to see if my payment for my Rogers Wireless account went through. To check my account, I quickly use the Rogers Wireless My Account app I recently reviewed. It’s faster than using my BlackBerry browser and less frustrating than waiting in the phone support queue. Before I was able to check out my balance, I was greeted with an update notification. Version 1.0.1 (previously brings more options to the table. A new tab, labeled “services” is not available. Rogers wireless customers now have the option to add and manage services straight from your BlackBerry. I would assume that this menu would be different for each customer.

When I accessed it, I was able to manage my Extreme Text Messaging service (which I forgot I had). I could manage items such as; personal signature, distribution lists, auto-replies, messaging forwarding and text blocker. Another section enabled me to look at new services such as Rogers My5 or Ringbacks; I could read the product description, check out various packages and view the FAQ. If Rogers Wireless keeps going in this direction, this will reduce the workload of their call center agents, perhaps allowing them to focus on getting me an amazing deal on an upgrade! *cough* Torch *cough*

If you want to make use of the application, access the icon on your home screen or download it from the Rogers My Account page in your bookmarks.

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