Having CrackBerry's temporary BlackBerry 10 Launch Campaign Headquarters in Toronto has its benefits! This morning we went down to the Rogers Corporate Office, where Rogers CEO Nadir Mohamed and BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins welcomed the BlackBerry Z10 to Canada.

This was my first opportunity to get my hands on my very own WHITE BlackBerry Z10, so as soon as the CEO photo opportunity was over I bought myself a white BlackBerry Z10. According to the Rogers website, the BlackBerry Z10 is is available for $139.99 on a 3 year contract, or $599 month to month for new customers, or $650 to buy outright (plux taxes).

There are a few big takeaways from this Rogers BlackBerry Z10 unboxing:

  • For the first time, as far as I know, this BlackBerry box never had any sort of Rogers carrier sleeve on it. It's a straight up BlackBerry Z10 box. And it's quite a bit smaller than BlackBerry boxes of the past. Nice efficient packaging. I like it.
  • Unlike most previous Rogers BlackBerry Smartphones, no case or holster was included in the box. No cleaning cloth either. Included is the phone, battery, Micro USB cable and wall charging connector, along with a set of headphones. You'll want to head to the CrackBerry Canada store to pick up any accessories you still need.
  • For the white BlackBerry Z10, all of the included accessories are white. Hot. Black cables with a white phone just wouldn't look right.
Be sure to hit up the video above to see the WHITE BlackBerry Z10 unboxed in all it's glory. And if you're in Canada and have purchased or are thinking about purchashing a Z10, be sure to hit up this page to help get you along your way.