Rogers Targets Heavy Data Users!

Ok, so maybe the title is a little misleading as it does not indicate where Rogers is targeting these "Heavy Users" but quite clearly it's their wallets. Our friends over at TiPB have posted some interesting news coming out of the Rogers camp via iPhoneInCanada.

According to the information, Rogers is intending on launching a new $150/15GB data plan which needless to point out is just insane considering their other offers such as the somewhat reasonable $30/6GB plan (still available but only for Android users now although people are trying to add it BlackBerry devices). I'd like to say they are targetting businesses with this plan as they are offering tethering with it, but Rogers past performance indicates this is something they would push on the average consumer as well. In any event, I'll be sticking to my $30/6GB plan. I still can't believe that for $150/mo they can't just say unlimited already but still need to cap it at 15GB. Any CrackBerry abusers out there gonna jump on this one?