Rogers BlackBerry Pearl 8110

It looks like two of our three recent Rogers Rumors are coming true. Rogers distributors, dealers and reps will be getting their hands on the new Rogers BlackBerry Pearl 8110 and RED Rogers BlackBerry Curve 8310 demos any day now if they haven't already.

Now we just have to wait for Rogers to release a WiFi-enabled BlackBerry. It just doesn't seem to be a priority for them! As for these beauties hitting the shelves, the 8110 could be out later this week/next and the red Curve a week later. Don't hold it against me if it's later! :-) Red Rogers 8310 image after the jump. 

Rogers BlackBerry 8310 Red

I didn't watermark the images with the CrackBerry logo but these are originals sent in from our Rogers Guy. So if you see em elsewhere on the web be sure to note they're from CB. :-)