Rogers Wireless Rumors

Just got wind of some interesting details from our Rogers source (who has proven to be quite reliable in the past!)... I thought I would share them with you as who doesn't loves rumors heading into the weekend?!?!

Rumor #1 - Rogers will get the BlackBerry Pearl 8110 this month! This is the GSM version of the 8130 w/ built in GPS. You can view some of the device details on the leaked Vodafone 8110 slides from last week.

Rumor #2 - Rogers will get the BlackBerry Pearl 8120 in March! This is the WiFi enabled version of the Pearl 2 (the 8120 is currently available in Europe).

Rumor #3 - Rogers will be getting the RED BlackBerry Curve 8310! Not sure on exactly when, but sooner rather than later is the word.

Now if only there would have been a rumor about a Rogers Wireless unlimited data for $30/month plan, I would have been SOOOO happy. If and when I hear about that, I'll jump for joy!