Rogers LTE

Rogers launched LTE service in Ottawa back in July, and today they rolled it out in three more cities including Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. Of course, there are no LTE BlackBerry Smartphones available yet, but earlier this week I did post an article suggesting the first QNX BlackBerry SuperPhone will support LTE. Now I just need RIM to follow through with that and for Rogers to add Winnipeg to the list of cities with LTE service and I'll be a happy CrackBerry addict. And if you're reading this and scratching your head asking yourself what is LTE? be sure to check out this post in the CrackBerry forums which explains it well.

Question of the Day: How important a roll will LTE support play to you in your next smartphone purchase assuming you live in an arera/are on a carrier where it's supported? 

Source: Rogers via Android Central