Rogers Holiday Berries

Back before Halloween we dropped some pictures on the blogs (thanks Treatz!) of the Pearl Flip and Rogers 8320 "dummy phones" hitting Rogers dealers, and on November 3rd brought official word from Rogers of the Pearl Flip's debut.

Since then, we've now seen the BlackBerry 8320 launch, which isn't a huge deal if you're waiting for the Curve 8900, but is exciting if you're looking RIGHT NOW for a full qwerty smartphone with a camera that supports Rogers' UMA TalkSpot service. Also in time for the holidays, our pal Treatz brought us word that Rogers has launched the Pearl 8120 in another color -- sandstone -- which I'm sure will be appreciated by many. Hopefully it'll have the Pink Henna artwork... every girl I show this post to falls in love with the phone immediately. My head has been up in the (storm) clouds the past few days though, so if you're reading this and have more details feel free to drop them in the comments. But if you're starting to make your holiday BlackBerry wish list, head on over to!

Speaking of wish lists... I haven't picked on Rogers in the blogs lately, what with their rate reduction on data plans and device pricing (Pearl Flip, Bold) that actually rings in lower than US carriers... so in the spirit of the KEVIN SMASH let me just say this... I HATE ROGERS' website. It's slow, confusing to navigate, updated after the fact and often has inaccuracies (which I guess some days you could argue those same points against but we'll pretend that's not the case!!). So Rogers, All I want from you this Christmas is a re-designed website! I've been a good CrackBerry Addict... Promise! :-)