BlackBerry Pearl 8220 Launch Parties!!

Update: Nice timing. Rogers has added a COMING SOON for the Pearl Flip to their website (thx to everyone who sent this in!). **

Following up on the their fairly recent string of BlackBerry Bold parties, Rogers has a cross-Canada, four city series of launch parties planned in anticipation of the release of the Rogers BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 Smartphone. The first party kicks off a week from today in Toronto (the 23rd) and from there the fun will move to Montreal on the 25th, Vancouver on the 30th and will wind down in Calgary on October 2nd. These dates bode well with the early October release date we have heard for the Rogers Flip.

Unfortunately, you need to receive an invitation to attend the party, but if you're among one of the lucky blokes to get one you can register for the event at Hopefully they'll have a BlackBerry DJ on hand to pump out the tunes.

At $149.99 on a 3 year contract, I'd rather see Rogers cut the launch party budget in favor of lower prices for the consumer, but ya know, sometimes Robbers Just Gotta Have Fun-un.

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