Rogers Launches New Data Plans For Roaming Customers

Listen up Rogers customers. If you have in the past found yourself roaming outside of Canada you may have realized that Rogers roaming rates were, well insanely high compared to other carriers. Having found myself roaming in the US on multiple occasions I can say it's no treat having to deal with the bill the comes upon return. Rogers has finally made some changes on their pricing structure to help out a little bit having made available their "One Rate" roaming plans. Here is the breakdown of those plans:

  • $20 Personal Email on BB CDN/US
  • $35 Consumer/Small business BB (BIS) 500MB CDN/US Plan
  • $35 Consumer/Small business 500MB CDN & US Data Plan
  • $40 Consumer/Small business BB (BIS) 1GB CDN & US Plan
  • $40 Consumer/Small business 1GB CDN & US Data Plan
  • $45 500MB CDN & US Mobile Internet Flex Rate Plan
  • $50 DAP (for MSD customers) 1.5GB CDN & US Data Plan
  • $55 Corporate BB (BES) 1GB CDN & US Plan
  • $55 Corporate BB (BES) 500 MB CDN & US Flex Rate Plan

Not bad. Not ground breaking either though. Basically it works out to the fact for an additional $10/mnth you can roam in the US using your already included data. Sadly, those of you who may be on the 6GB for $30 plan seem to be left out in the dark. Personally, I just like to grab T-Mobile flex pay plans while in the US and use those. Not a viable option for all users but it does certainly work and is cheaper depending on your length of stay.

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