We received an email tip letting us know that Rogers will be launching two new devices in the weeks ahead - both the BlackBerry 8820 and the BlackBerry Pearl 8120 which will be their second UMA device to support the new Rogers Home Calling Zone (HCZ) service.

We were the first to bring word of the Home Calling Zone service month's back, but unfortunately when it launched no BlackBerry was offered (only a cruddy Nokia 6086). There's been a lot of talk in the forums by Rogers and Fido users hoping to get non supported devices (like an unlocked T-Mobile BlackBerry 8320) up and running on the UMA service, but since that's not an option the coming up the 8120 is good news. I've never been a Pearl user, but this *might* just make me switch... at least until the Bold is released.  If you're not familiar with the Home Calling Zone plan, we have a big HCZ FAQ after the jump.

Rogers Home Calling Zone FAQ 

1. What is Rogers Wireless Home Calling Zone?

Rogers Wireless Home Calling Zone is an exciting new service that creates an unlimited calling zone around your home allowing you to make and receive unlimited local and Canadian long distance calls at home on your wireless phone without using any of your wireless plan minutes. And you still have all the benefits of a wireless phone when you are on the go.

2. How does it work?

The Home Calling Zone service uses your high-speed internet connection to create you own personal wireless network within your home. No need to use your Rogers Wireless voice plan minutes or worry about overage charges. Your Home Calling Zone compatible phone will seamlessly connect to the Rogers Wireless network when you are on the go and your Home Calling Zone network when you are at home. You’ll notice crystal clear coverage anywhere in your home, whether it’s a high-rise, the basement or attic.

3. What do I need to use Rogers Wireless Home Calling Zone service?

You will need three things to begin using Rogers Wireless Home Calling Zone.

a) A new Home Calling Zone compatible wireless phone.

b) A new Home Calling Zone Router – Any generic wireless router will work but the Home Calling Zone Router is recommended as it will provide optimal voice quality on your wireless phone, improved battery life and easy set up.

c) Connect your router to any High Speed Internet service (minimum speed of 512 Kbps for uplink and downlink)

3. A Home Calling Zone option

  • Home Calling Zone Unlimited Canada-wide - $20
  • Home Calling Zone Unlimited Local - $15

4. Can I create a Home Calling Zone without subscribing to a Home Calling Zone option?

Yes, you can create and start talking using your Home Calling Zone as soon as you sync your Home Calling Zone compatible wireless phone with your wireless router. However, you cannot take advantage of Unlimited local or Canadian long distance calling at home on your wireless phone until you subscribe to one of the Home Calling Zone options. 

5. How do I subscribe to a Home Calling Zone option?

Simply sign-in to your Rogers account on then click on Manage My Wireless Services, select Update Wireless Essentials and then choose the Home Calling Zone option that best suits your needs. You can also call 611 from your wireless phone and speak to one of our agents.

6. Do I need to provide the “911 Emergency address” to use my Home Calling Zone service?

Rogers recommends that you provide us with an Emergency Address for your Home Calling Zone service. This is simply the address of where the wireless router will be located. Home Calling Zone provides Emergency 911 service in accordance with current wireless 911 regulations. In the rare case where a 911 call is routed via the wireless router, Rogers strongly recommends that you provide the address where the router will be located. You can do this in 2 ways:

1. go to and log into your account and select Manage My Wireless Services

2. or call us at *611 from your wireless phone

7. Can I use my existing Rogers Wireless phone with the Rogers Wireless Home Calling Zone service?

No, you need a new Rogers Wireless Home Calling Zone compatible wireless phone specially enabled for Home Calling Zone calling, the Nokia 6086 or the Blackberry 8120.

8. What is the range of my Home Calling Zone?

This depends on where your Home Calling Zone router is placed. Typical distance within a home is 30m, although this may be smaller or larger depending on other factors, like the construction of your home or interference.

9. Where will my Home Calling Zone service work?

The Home Calling Zone service will work in your home where you have set up your Home Calling Zone router. It will also work on any open access wireless networks- this means it will work with your friends’ and family’s wireless networks (if they provide you with the security key) and on any public open access network (that does not require a login name and password) like at many hotels and airports.

10. How do I know when I am within my Home Calling Zone?

When using your wireless phone in your Home Calling Zone, the screen clearly displays the Home Calling Zone icon to show that the device is on the Home Calling Zone network. 

11. How many Home Calling Zone phones can be used at one time?

A household can have up to a total of five Home Calling Zone phones and up to five can be used at the same time to make calls depending on the available Internet bandwidth, distance from the wireless router, environmental factors and interference.

12. How will I be billed for calls I make at home?

Any calls you make from your Home Calling Zone will be included on your Rogers Wireless bill and will be labeled “Home Calling Zone”.

13. If I leave my Home Calling Zone and go out during a call, what will I be charged.

Charges are based on where you started your call, regardless of where you go during the call. So if you start a call from inside your Home Calling Zone then walk down the road, you’ll have unlimited talk time and will not use any of your wireless minutes. If you start a call from outside your Home Calling Zone, regular GSM wireless charges will apply for the duration of the call even as you enter your Home Calling Zone.

14. Can I use my existing landline at the same time as Home Calling Zone?

Yes, your landline (e.g. Rogers Home Phone) is separate from Home Calling Zone and will continue to work the same way it does today.

15. Does voicemail work when I’m in my Home Calling Zone?

Yes, all services will work as normal except for location based services such as Rogers Wireless Romance services.

16. What happens if I use data services from my mobile phone in my Home Calling Zone?

Data services such as text messages, picture messages, Web browsing, downloads and ringtones will be charged as per your regular Rogers Wireless data service plan and are not included in your Home Calling Zone Plan. 

17. How secure is my Home Calling Zone?

Your wireless phone conversations in your Home Calling Zone are as secure as when you are using your phone outside of your Home Calling Zone. Your Home Calling Zone wireless phone provides security beyond anything provided by the wireless router. Even in ‘unsecured-open access networks’, Home Calling Zone calls remain secure. 

18. How do I set up my Home Calling Zone?

Set up is easy and should take around 15 minutes. Simple, step by step instructions are included in the Home Calling Zone handset and router boxes.

19. How do I get help if I have technical questions?

If you have questions about your Home Calling Zone set-up or technical difficulties, please call Rogers Wireless Technical Support at 1-866-880-6575.

20. Do you offer Home Calling Zone service in Rogers HotSpot locations?

No, the Home Calling Zone service will only work on any open wireless network that will allow you to connect without the need to authenticate (i.e. provide a login name and password).

21. How will I be billed for my long distance calls?

If you subscribe to the $15 Home Calling Zone Unlimited Local option your Canadian, US and International long distance charges will be the same as those applicable to your Rogers Wireless voice plan.

If you subscribe to the $20 Home Calling Zone Unlimited Canada-wide option you will have unlimited Canadian Long Distance calling. Your US long distance rate will be $0.10/min and the International long distance rates will be the same as the rates offered through the International Long Distance Saver (see for details). These rates are competitive with those of any landline.

22. Can I use my Home Calling Zone phone outside of Canada?

The Home Calling Zone options will not work out side of Canada. You will be unable to take advantage of unlimited calling within your Home Calling Zone when outside of Canada.