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Rogers just announced that starting in March, you'll only need to be with them for 90 days before being eligible for unlocking - a huge step up from their old policy which required you to get through your entire contract. The unlocking process itself will cost $50, which you can go ahead and do right away if you're  buying your device outright. This is great and all, but you can get BlackBerry unlocking done right through us immediately and for a fair bit cheaper. Jussayin'.

Rogers also announced a new daily roaming plan for Canadians visiting the U.S. For $7.99, users can get 50 MB of data for 24 hours.  Again, also nice, but you can pick up an AT&T SIM and get the same amount for $5, or scale up and get 200 MB for $15. The only roadblocks there are that you have to get your buns into an AT&T store, make sure your SIM slot is unlocked, and that you route calls to the new number (either through call forwarding or just telling people you're on another line). 

Canadians, how do you usually handle wireless service when visiting the U.S.? How about elsewhere in the world? 

Source: RedBoard 

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